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Website Terms of Use

To use the Fortier Law website you must accept these terms. Our firm holds the right to update these terms as we see appropriate.

None of the information included within the Fortier Law website can be construed as legal advice, please contact our firm to consult a lawyer regarding your situation. All materials, biographies, publications, articles, events, data and other materials constitute general information and do not constitute legal advice and shall not be construed as establishing a lawyer-client relationship.

The materials provided on this site are strictly for information purposes only. These materials constitute general information regarding profiles of professionals, articles, publications, information, events, data and other materials relating or familiar to our firm lawyers.

You may not use any trademark or service mark or information appearing on the Website without the prior written consent or agreement of Fortier Law.

E-mail Terms and Conditions

Any review of information contained in your e-mail and any attachments will not create a lawyer-client relationship and will not preclude any lawyer in our firm from representing a party in any matter where that information is relevant, even if you submitted the information in a good faith effort to retain us. If the information in your e-mail or any attachments is confidential, we will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of that information. However, if the confidential information pertains to a matter that Fortier Law is involved with, we may be obliged to disclose such information.

By e-mailing us, you are not retaining or hiring Nathalie Fortier.

Confidentiality of Communication

Fortier Law does not guarantee the confidentiality of any communications including but not limited to e-mail or voicemails messages. Unsolicited information and material may not be treated as confidential and will not be protected by any lawyer-client relationship

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